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What to Do When Your Pay stub Gets Stolen

Pay stubs are more than a necessity to all employees. If you are employed, it is advisable to have a piece of paper containing information about your financial details and previous payments. Today, many countries are realizing the importance of these pay stubs and thus listing them as some of the major requirements. Even though pay stubs have unquestionable benefits, they can be disadvantageous when it comes to the employee’s security. In case you lose your pay stub, you need to have ideas that allow you to act efficiently. Fortunately, this article will walk you through the considerations you should bear in mind when you face such a problem.

Of all steps you might think of, informing your bank should be your priority. If you lose your pay stub, there are high chances of your financial situation being tampered. By receiving a direct deposit to your bank account, your pay stub might contain details about the account. With this, the thief might attempt to access your bank account. With this in mind, you have a better understanding on how vital it is to first link up with your bank. You will need to ask your bank to start monitoring all your bank account’s activities. Whether you use direct deposit or not, you should never ignore the importance of notifying your bank. Thieves are such creative that they can employ other methods to access your bank. Request for your account to be freeze; there will be no cash withdrawal.

You should then proceed to contact your human resources. In case the pay stub has an attached check, the thief will want to cash it. It is vital to call your employer’s human resource department, who will connect you with the accounting department. They are capable of stopping your check and prevent further loses further .

After the safety of your accounts is guaranteed, you should consider getting new copies of the stolen documents. Through your H.R representative, connect with the payroll department. To get a new copy, you will have to have a written formal request. There are also high chances of you filling out a pay stub request form. The form will require details such as your employee’s ID number and whether the previous pay stub was physical or digital. After signing the form, send it to the payroll office and wait for their response.

It is even more beneficial to initiate a fraud alert on your credit. With this, the credit reporting agencies will be keen to point out cases where your name or information is used in the next months. Informing the credit reporting agencies will prevent the thief from opening a new card in your name.

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