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Advantages of Coral Reefs to Human Beings

As a human being, it is important that at all times, you take care of yourself. One of the things that help with staying healthy is taking foods that are rich in essential nutrients required by the body. One of the items that have been known to have a benefit to human beings is the coral reefs. The reefs are found in the ocean whereby; they tend to house lots of aquatic animals. These reefs can also be used to conduct research activities by marine scientists. Taking care of our environment is one step into ensuring that the plants and animals in the water including coral reefs are healthy. So that the environment can be regarded as clean and safe, we need to stop throwing litter in the water sources. Apart from that, you can help to conserve the particular homes for these aquatic animals.

Once all these activities are well taken care of, both the water animal and the coral reefs will become healthy. There are numerous benefits that we as humans get from the existence of the reefs. It is from tourism activities that most countries afford to sustain their economies. Tourists are known to pay some fees to facilitate their visit in the ocean to have a look at the reefs. Tourist and locals alike can pay for water sport activities such as snorkeling. During such events, they shall have a chance to get close to the large ocean life living in these reefs. Fishing is also known to substitute snorkeling when you want to have a view of the sea life. Another benefit brought by the corals is that they help to clean the air. Excess carbon dioxide in water has lots of negative impacts on human beings.

In water bodies where the corals are available, they use the carbon dioxide to create new reefs in the water. In both land, air and sea, there is a food web that needs to be maintained to avoid plants or animals becoming extinct. Corals are known to provide housing for fish in the water. The reefs are strong enough to provide protection for some fish thus, reducing their chances of dying. The bigger fishes in the ocean end up lacking food once the small fish die because of natural causes. In the end, the food web is distorted. With the corals in position, strong ocean waves cannot damage the shoreline of the beach. Even though they are small, the corals have the ability to redirect the ocean waves.

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