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A Guide to Delete or Deactivate Your Account on Facebook

Facebook is one of the popular social media platforms where most people have their accounts to post and share pictures and many more. Statistics show that people are deleting their Facebook accounts with 2008 having the most number of deleted account, so if you want to delete your account on either security or personal issue, you need to know how first. The following article highlights a step by step on how to delete your Facebook account, so read on, and it will help you learn more.

First, know if you want to delete your account or you can deactivate it for as long as you wish then reactivate again.

Deactivating a Facebook account means that your account is still available for you, but you will be the only one to view the information, and your name will be still on your friend lists and groups thus giving a chance to reactivate and come back with the account you had.

Deleting your Facebook account erases everything that you had on your account including pictures and posts; therefore you will no longer have access to it or messenger, but luckily you are always given thirty days to change mind.

After you have made up mind to delete the account, then you should first check the photos and other information that you can save for future use before you remove them permanently from the account.

To help you know how to download the Facebook pictures and other information follow the following guide, click the drop-down menu on the right corner of your account, then click setting to get the page setting of your account, then click Facebook information and choose download your information option and you can see all that is available for you to download and save and in what format is available and select the ones you want and leave the rest.

For those who want to deactivate their account rather than delete, scroll to the bottom of Facebook information page to the last option which is delete your account and click it and it will have two options, deactivate or download information and click deactivate your account, this will bring you options of reasons why you want to deactivate, and you can choose any then select allow use of messenger and opt out use of Facebook email and then click disable and your account will be temporarily off view from other people.

If you have made up your mind to altogether leave Facebook then use the following guide to delete your account, scroll to the bottom of the page on the right and click on the option to delete your account and fill in your password to confirm and once you’ve done that you will have thirty days to cancel deletion or your account will be lost forever.

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